DS Music – for instruments, guitars, consumables including strings, sticks, drum heads etc etc. Our local music shop, based in Monmouth. Call the shop to order ahead of your session & it’ll be here on your arrival. If they don’t stock it, they can generally get it for us next day!

   Nick Hopkin Drums – Nick restores & sells vintage drums. He also has a number of kits for exclusive hire if you just want one for your session. Also stocks a wide range of drum accessories.

   Quite Scary Productions – Travelling light & need a basic backline? Quite Scary are a local backline hire company with great rates!

   Integrated Tour Services (ITS) – Travelling REALLY light? Tom & his team at ITS in Cardiff can supply a more eclectic mix of backline including instruments & vintage amps etc

    STS Touring – STS in Manchester have a vast collection of backline if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for. Delivery tends to be less than the London hire companies.

   Studio Care – desperately need something that’s not on our equipment list? Try Studio Care in Liverpool. Tip: If you’re ordering from STS Touring too, then ask about combined delivery costs as they may be able to do a joint drop off/ pick up.

   FX Rentals – need mandolin strings at 3am? FX are the guys to call! If they haven’t got it, chances are you won’t need it. We get preferential rates, so it’s always worth checking with us first if there’s something you need. If you’re travelling to us from London, then it can sometimes be best to collect/ drop off at their warehouse in Acton as delivery charges to Wales can be high.

   ProTape – Whichever format you choose to record to, you’ll need to store the audio… ProTape are our supplier of choice for 2″ Tape, but they also stock a wide range of hard drives. Please check with us before ordering so you get the right spec!