Benefits of Residential Recording

There are many advantages of choosing a residential recording studio over a non-residential studio. Cost is a major factor:

  • It usually works out far less expensive to record at a residential studio than for a band (and sometimes producer, engineer, etc.) to stay at a hotel nearby to the studio
  • There are no travel expenses or wasted travelling time getting to and from the studio and hotel each day
  • A residential studio can accommodate a band’s meal requirements and the cost is usually included in the price of hiring out the residence
  • A residential recording studio can provide a more homely, relaxed and private atmosphere than staying in a city hotel
  • Many residential recording studios are set in rural surroundings, which allows the band to concentrate on their music, writing and recording without the distractions of a big city on their doorstep
  • At Monnow Valley Studio, you also get flexible working ours with 24-hour staff