Part of the world's first Residential Recording Studio,
Monnow Valley is one of the finest professional recording facilities for bands in the UK
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NP25 5QE, UK
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Benefits of Residential Recording

There are many advantages of choosing a residential recording studio over a non-residential studio. Cost is a major factor:

  • It usually works out far less expensive to record at a residential studio than for a band (and sometimes producer, engineer, etc.) to stay at a hotel nearby to the studio
  • There are no travel expenses or wasted travelling time getting to and from the studio and hotel each day
  • A residential studio can accommodate a band's meal requirements and the cost is usually included in the price of hiring out the residence
  • A residential recording studio can provide a more homely, relaxed and private atmosphere than staying in a city hotel
  • Many residential recording studios are set in rural surroundings, which allows the band to concentrate on their music, writing and recording without the distractions of a big city on their doorstep.

History of Monnow Valley Residential Recording Studio

Monnow Valley Studio was originally the rehearsal facility of the world's first residential recording studio, Rockfield Studios, created by brothers Charles and Kingsley Ward. When the brothers went their separate ways in the 1980s, Charles took over Monnow Valley and turned it into an independent recording studio.

Rockfield is still run by Kingsley but Monnow Valley has changed ownership a couple of times over the last few decades. In 2006, Monnow Valley was taken over by siblings Jo and James Hunt and has undergone substantial reinvestment since, including an acoustically engineered control room, new recording equipment, heating, air conditioning, redecoration and improved leisure facilities for the clients, making it one of the best recording studios in the UK.

Over the last 39 years, many of the musical world's biggest artists have used Monnow Valley for writing, rehearsing, or recording, including Led Zeppelin, Queen, Oasis, Stereophonics, Black Sabbath, and many more. The recent book, Rock Legends At Rockfield by Jeff Collins, documents the history of bands staying at both Rockfield and Monnow Valley Studio.


Studio Clients

Over the last 40 years, our clients have included:

Queen, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, The Coral, Pulp, Stereophonics, The Charlatans, The Datsuns, EMF, Super Furry Animals, Breed 77, Biffy Clyro, Oceansize, Rush, The Answer, Spiritulaized, Manic Street Preachers, Iggy Pop, Billy Bragg, The Crimea, Portishead, The Automatic, Tindersticks, Cooper Temple Clause, Judas Priest, Cradle of Filth, Catatonia, Robert Plant, GLC, The Levellers, The Damned, Fell City Girl, Tony Iommi, Glen Hughes, The Darkness,
Snowfight In The City Centre, Future Of The Left, People in Planes, Blood Red Shoes, The View, The Maybes?, Brigade, The Pigeon Detectives, Dan Dunne & The Reels, Herborg, Nathalie Nordnes, Jakobinarina, The Hot Puppies, Elliott Minor, Los Campesinos, The Enemy, Broken Records, Slaves To Gravity, Sky Larkin, Bullet For My Valentine, The Last Republic, Hip Parade, Attack Attack!, Golden Silvers, The Smoke Fairies, Tommy Tokyo & Starving For My Gravy, Funeral For A Friend, Heaven & Hell, Led Bib, Favez, Expatriate, Joss Stone, Yes Sir Boss, Deadbeat Darling, Pulled Apart By Horses, Cold Specks, 2:54, The Crave, Jorn Lande, Fredrika Stahl, Sylosis, Delphic, Morning Parade, Frightened Rabbit, Bleed From Within...

Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, Glen Matlock, The Charlatans)
Bob Marlette (Toni Iommi, Rob Halford, Tracy Chapman)
Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, The Enemy)
Ian Caple (Tindersticks, Simple Minds, My Bloody Valentine)
Richard Jackson (The Automatic, Future Of The Left)
Dan Turner (Bullet For My Valentine, Cradle Of Filth)
Head (PJ Harvey, Massive Attack)

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Why Choose Monnow Valley Studio as Your UK Recording Studio

1. Pedigree

Formerly part of the first residential recording studios in the world, Monnow Valley Studio has been chosen by many famous bands, producers, and artists over the last four decades. Recent clients include The Pigeon Detectives, The View and The Enemy.

2. Location

The studio is set amongst 400 acres of green rolling hillside located two miles outside of Monmouth, Wales, which is a lovely picturesque market town with several pubs, three supermarkets, etc. It has great access with the rest of the UK as Monmouth is right on the England-Wales border and is about a two-and-a-half hour drive from London.

The nearest international airports (Bristol and Cardiff) are within 45 minutes drive from the studio. Abergavenny train station is only 10 miles away. A map of the location is on our contact page.

3. Equipment

Of course, Monnow Valley Studio has the some of the best professional recording equipment available including many producer's preferred gear such as Pro Tools and SSL 4064G+.

At 1200 sq ft, the live room is one of the biggest of any professional recording studios in the UK and has variable acoustics which makes it easier to achieve the optimal sound a producer is looking for. It has been described as the best drum room in the world by producers and drummers alike.

4. Leisure Facilities

When the bands are not recording, there are plenty of leisure facilities to enjoy in and around the studio. Our games room has pool and table tennis tables and a dartboard. The band can relax in the lounge with its sumptuous leather sofas, widescreen TV, SKY TV complete with all movie and sports channels, and surf the internet with the studio PC. The entire facility also has wireless business broadband internet access for bands to use their laptops.

Monnow Valley Studio offers fantastic coarse fishing with its own mile of private fishing rights on the beautiful river Monnow. Depending on the season, chub, grayling and salmon can be caught here.

There are many scenic walks around the countryside, which can also be used for jogs and mountain biking if the band are feeling more energetic!

Golfers have several superb courses to play: The Rolls of Monmouth is four-minutes drive from the studio; Monmouth Golf Club, "arguably the prettiest golf course in Wales", is within five miles; and seven miles away are the two Forest of Dean courses and driving range. Favourable rates for all the courses can be attained through the Studio.

Should the band wish to venture into Monmouth, there are several lively pubs with many a tale to be told of previous rock bands visiting the pubs over the last four decades.

5. Food

At Monnow Valley Studio, all food is home-cooked and prepared in-house, so it can provide all types of catering to suit a band's individual palates. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided as well as snacks and coffee. A self-catering option is also available should the band wish to prepare their own food, which can be purchased from any of Monmouth's three supermarkets, grocers, butchers and shops.

6. 24-Hour Staff

In the studio, we have our in-house engineer, Liam Ross. He came to us from Tonmeister Course at the University of Surrey. He has recently engineered tracks for Hand Of Dimes, Rusty Shackle, Young Kato and Save Your Breath.

Liam has assisted and/or engineered for many top producers such as:

Tim Goldsworthy
Bruno Ellingham
Romesh Dodangoda
Richard Jackson
Tom Manning
Gethin Pearson
Leo Abrahams

7. Flexible Working Hours

Working hours are flexible so if the band wants to work from 9 to 5 or 3pm to 7am... Monnow Valley Studio can accommodate your requirements. Since taking over in 2006, the studio has never had to stop a recording session due to technical problems as any problems have been able to be fixed immediately. The equipment is regularly maintained and serviced by Richard Griffiths, an SSL specialist previously of Olympic Studios in London.

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