In The Studio… The Framed

Jamie Reid . Gareth Burr . Steve Ross . Glynn McGregor

The Framed, a 4 piece from Aberdeenshire Scotland. Influenced by bands like The Clash, Squeeze & The Buzzcocks. They produce lairy, upbeat, indie rock music with a great big dash of punk thrown into the mix.

The group formed back in 2007 due to a distinct love of all things musical and an inherent desire to get out of the mundane life of 9 to 5 working. They’ve gone through about 18 different line ups before arriving at their current line up states drummer Glynn. The bands enthusiasm and dedication for making music began to show quickly with the demos of their first tracks being recorded by themselves in a small purpose built home studio.

They booked studio time with us down here at Monnow Valley a whole 2 years ago, but due to unforeseen circumstances they weren’t able to make it down to record with us that year. However one afternoon just before Christmas 2013 we received a phone call, they were coming down with Producer Paul Tipler to track their 6 track debut EP.

They turned up to the studio and began filling every nook and cranny of the live room with guitars, about 18 of the things altogether! They then started filling the fridges in a similar attitude with the £95 worth of butchers meat that had travelled down with them in their van from Scotland.

Along with all that they managed to squeeze some supreme banter in with it all, the control room air was forever being filled with laughter following some gag at the expense of one of the members of the band…or Paul.

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