In The Studio… 3 Bucket Jones

Hard @ Work

Based in South Wales, 3 Bucket Jones consisting of Garry Hughes (keyboards, hammond organ and programming for Bjork), Andrew McCrorie-Shand (wrote the theme for Rosie and Jim, Tots TV and Teletubbies), and Gitika Partington (singer, songwriter, harmoniser, vocal arranger, trainer..), joined us here at Monnow Valley Studio as the first act to record here in 2015! The trio met here in September 2013 during a BASCA songwriters retreat, arriving as 3 individual songwriters and leaving as a hugely talented threesome, pooling their respective talents to create the unique and innovative sound that is 3 Bucket Jones.

Garry & Andy

They spent a week here in total composing and recording together all day every day. In the first 4 days they had written 5 songs almost entirely from scratch, ranging from unfinished ambient sketches to Victorian horror themes – all via psychedelic folk of course!

The trio brought with them an impressive variety of unusual instruments including electronic tanpuras, fretted violins and a hurdy gurdy! Garry also brought an impressive selection of software synths and it’s great to see a band so rooted in folk so happy with electronics. But that’s far from the only trick Garry had up his sleeves, the guy’s also a pretty fearsome chef, with the highlight being the local sausage and parma ham toad-in-the-hole, – a fresh twist of an old classic!

Overall such a fun week had here at Monnow Valley with these guys, thoroughly enjoyed by all involved – can’t wait to see you again in the next couple of months!


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