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Black Sabbath – Cross Purposes


To record their album ‘Cross Purposes’, Black Sabbath returned to us in 1993. ‘Cross Purposes’ was Sabbath’s 17th studio album – an impressive feat whilst most bands struggle to make it past that difficult third album without imploding. Ever changing, this Sabbath album line up was the constant Tony Iommi, along with Butler (not seen again on an album until their 2013 album, ‘13’) with Tony Martin and Bobby Rondinelli on vocals and drums respectively.

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Track Listing

1. “I Witness” 4:56
2. “Cross of Thorns” 4:32
3. “Psychophobia” 3:15
4. “Virtual Death” 5:49
5. “Immaculate Deception” 4:15
6. “Dying for Love” 5:53
7. “Back to Eden” 3:57
8. “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” 4:30
9. “Cardinal Sin” 4:21
10. “Evil Eye” 5:58
Japanese edition bonus track
11. “What’s the Use?”