In the Studio…

Bloodflower 947048_579938505400467_417677176_n

A combination of brilliant hair and musical prowess make up the duo that is Bloodflower. A Monmouth/mid Wales combination of multi-instrumental talents from producer Tom Manning and singer Jonnie Owen. Both have impressive musical CVs already, and their current project – only beginning last September – is already achieving exclusives on Radio 1 and a growing amount of hype and airplay.

Meeting at Monnow where Tom previously engineered and where Jonnie recorded with his band The Last Republic, the pair have created dirty pop perfection with forward thinking production and impressive vocals. This week in the studio saw the pair celebrate Tom’s birthday with a BBQ in the 29 degree heat, take a few splashes in the river, indulge in the odd pub lunch and begin work on a new set of tracks soon to reach our ears.

Find them here @iambloodflower, their new track ‘Horizon’ is out now.