The Pigeon Detectives Emergency (2008)




A very shiny disc to commemorate sales over 100,000 copies. It has pride of place in our snooker room.

We like to be involved with helping make music that charts, and the Pigeon Detectives did that, with their album recorded here, hitting no.5 in the UK album charts. Emergency released in 2008 was recorded here with producer Stephen Street. The Detectives began tracking immediately after new year, the album was finished by early Feb – the joy of a residential recording meant they simply “decamped” (their words not ours) and got it wrapped up in a short space of time.


“This Is an Emergency” (Matt Bowman, Oliver Main) – 3:11
“I’m Not Gonna Take This” (Bowman, Main) – 2:44
“Keep on Your Dress” (Dave Best, Bowman, Main) – 4:52
“Don’t You Wanna Find Out” (Main) – 2:44
“I’ll Be Waiting” (Bowman, Main) – 3:19
“She’s Gone” (Main) – 2:07
Nothing to Do with You” (Main) – 1:50
“I’m a Liar” (Bowman, Main) – 3:16
“You Don’t Need It” (Main) – 2:45
“Say It Like You Mean It” (Main) – 2:43
“Love You for a Day (Hate You for a Week)” (Main) – 3:22
“Making Up Numbers” (Main) – 3:27
“Everybody Wants Me” (Bowman, Main) – 3:42
“Draw the Curtain” (Hidden track) – 1:28

The single – aptly titled “This Is An Emergency” reached number 12 in the charts.Watch it here;

Find them here;