The Enemy – “Music For the People”

the enemy album cover

Spending a marathon 5 weeks with us was The Enemy in 2008. They enjoyed their time so much they left us this beaut of a guitar.


The resulting album was ‘Music For The People’ which reached a lovely number 2 in the UK album charts

Track listing;

    “Elephant   Song” – 4:39
“No Time for Tears” – 5:15
“51st State” – 2:30
“Sing When You’re in Love” – 3:37
“Last Goodbye” – 4:52
“Nation Of Checkout Girls” – 3:14
“Be Somebody” – 3:04
“Don’t Break the Red Tape” – 3:42
“Keep Losing” – 4:35
“Silver Spoon” – 11:17 (Ends at 5:16, hidden track begins at   8:54)
Bonus Tracks:
“A New England” (Billy Bragg cover) – 2:51
“Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)” – 2:54
“Keep Losing (Strings Version)” – 4:32
“Away From Here (Live At Union Chapel)” – 3:28

It spawned the singles ” “No Time For Tears”, “Sing When You’re In Love” and “Be Somebody”. Watch the lead single “No Time For Tears” here.

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