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Black Sabbath…Monnow in ‘The Iron Man’ and ‘For Fact’s Sake’

Monnow is featured in musical literature dotted around, but in regards to Sabbath and the Ozzy days, both Tony Iommi and Bob Daisley (from the Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman albums with Ozzy) have mentioned Monnow very kindly in their memoirs.

In 2011 Tony Iommi wrote and released his much anticipated autobiography. Monnow Valley Studio and Monmouth get a good few mentions – it’s nice to know after he’s popping in and in the last five decades we’ve made it into the book.

Get a copy now; it’s a fascinating read for all fans of Black Sabbath and music in general.

Black Sabbath.Tony Iommi.Iron cover.US.08-11

Bob Daisley’s memoir – ‘For Fact’s Sake’ is a more detailed look at the Blizzard/Diary and Randy Rhoads/Ozzy era, with a large focus on the writing process of the albums that took place here at Monnow. It is due for release this coming year – check his website for full details