In the studio….The Graveltones

In the Studio …. The Graveltones


Recording their eagerly awaited first album following on from their exciting EP back in 2011, follically well-endowed Australian, London-based boys The Graveltones stayed with us for 7 days. Aside from the amazing cooking smells provided by Mikey’s wife and sister (the latter popped over from Australia to see them) they also provided some amazing sounds. Well-known-to-Monnow producer Charlie Francis oversaw the whole thing, including a very important handbell-selection-and-testing session.

photo (16)The aforementioned hand bells.

photo (15)

L-R; Producer Charlie Francis, Mikey Graveltones, Jimmy Graveltones, session assistant Louis Griffiths and our engineer Liam.

photo (16)

Wild times with the teapot covers.

 Find all things Gravely-and-toney here;

We can’t wait for the album boys!

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