In The Studio…


2013-06-26 18.48.42

Funkestra avec toilet paper and masking tape from L-R; Rupert Christie, Dave Limina, Eran Kendler, Stefan Redtenbacher, Mike Sturges, Rob Taggart,

Three days to complete an entire album may seem ridiculous, but when you combine some of Europe and America’s busiest, most talented, successful and prolific musicians it all seems very easy.
Sitting in the control room listening it sounds like the finished product – and they’re playing live. However, it is album number seven together, so they’re well practiced.
The transatlantic funk/jazz/soul band is the brain child of Stefan Redtenbacher, who’s CV, like everyone in the band, reads like a who’s who in music over the last 20 years, Stefan writes all the tracks too. Without going into too much detail (and we could, the list is huge), Funkestra boast playing credits from Elton to Amy Winehouse to Ceeloo Green to B.B King to well, everyone. We had a live room full of very accomplished legends. Producing and engineering was Rupert Christie, who’s worked with some incredible people himself, and they all enjoyed home cooked food for the three days.
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