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Monnow Valley Studio Competition – Full Details and Terms and conditions

Would you like to win 2 days in the same studio used by Queen, Black Sabbath, Stereophonics, Led Zeppelin, Joss Stone, Biffy Clyro and many, many more? 
Would you like to stay in the same bedrooms as Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Jones or Cerys Mathews?

The Prize – 2 days recording time (to track &/or mix) and one night’s accommodation at Monnow Valley Studio complete with in-house engineer.
Extra days are available for less than half price (from £299) for the winner. The prize is worth over £2000.

Monnow Valley Studio are looking to grow our online presence (we figured the only ‘vintage’ aspect about us should be our equipment!), so we’re using the power of social media for this competition… We promise not to spam you as a result, but you’ll be the first to hear about any future special offers, downtime & get exclusives on who’s recording with us.

To enter simply;


  • Anyone can enter, and the price can be given as a gift – so encourage your friends and family to enter too.
Terms and Conditions
  • An ‘entry’ is termed as; liking our Monnow Valley Studio Facebook page, commenting on the featured post with the name of a band that has recorded at Monnow Valley and sharing the featured posts. You must do all three in order to enter.
  • The winner will be picked at random from a lucky dip. The names of all entrants will be placed in the lucky dip, the first name picked will win the prize. The name will be picked by an owner of Monnow Valley Studio and verified by another member of staff.
  • If you have ‘Liked’ the Facebook page prior to the competition entry, you do not need to ‘Unlike’ and then “Like’ the page again.
  • This cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent
  • Names will only be entered once, but multiple people can enter for one artist/band
  • Winners under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • The prize is valid for one year from the date on which you are notified of your win. Dates will be arranged once the winner is ready to book the time. Weekends may be subject to availability.
  • Winners will be contacted through Facebook and asked to provide an email address and phone number by which we can further contact them.
  • A ‘day’ in the studio constitutes as 12 hours with the engineer.
  • Does not include travel or catering costs
  • Accommodation is up to seven people – this includes only the musician(s) and producer(s) – no friends or family will be permitted unless the winner is under 16 years old.
  • The prize is redeemable for groups/bands of up to seven people. This includes any engineer or producer they should choose to bring.
  • Accommodation includes use of all facilities whilst at the studio including the kitchen, dining and living room, all bathrooms and showers
  • The winner will be required to accept Monnow Valley Studio’s standard terms & conditions, a copy of which will be supplied on booking.
  • Closing date is the 31st of August 2013, the winner will be announced on the 1st of September 2013.
  • Monnow Valley Studio have the right to refuse customers who they deem not acceptable in any way.

Made in Monnow – Black Sabbath Month…The Blizzard of Oz ‘Crazy Train’

Made in Monnow

Black Sabbath Month…

The Blizzard of Oz ‘Crazy Train’

Written in Monnow ‘Crazy Train’ is one of The Blizzard of Ozz’s best known tracks, taken from their first and epynomous album. Click the picture for a link to a live session featuring the late, great Randy Rhodes and a few other classic songs by the group. Note that the video is not the original line up who wrote the songs together at Monnow.


Made In Monnow – Black Sabbath; The Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman

Made In Monnow…

Black Sabbath Month

Ozzy Osbourne at Monnow in 1979 and ’81 – Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a MadmanBlizzard_of_ozz220px-Ozzy_Osbourne_Diary_of_a_Madman

Monnow Valley wasn’t always known as Monnow Valley – we were once known ‘the house’ down the road from Rockfield studios. We were the residential rehearsal and writing space for many bands recording at Rockfield prior to our full conversion into a studio. Tucked away in fields next to a river, ‘the house’ was the perfect place to write, and Queen, Black Sabbath and then The Blizzard of Oz featuring Ozzy Osbourne are just a few who chose to do so.

After having visited just two years previously with Sabbath for their rehearsal and writing sessions in 1977, in December 1979 – February 1980 Ozzy came to write with his new band, The Blizzard of Oz, for what would become the legendary The Blizzard of Ozz album. Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake made up the band who would write and play with Ozzy. Don Aldridge also played keys and contributed to writing. Tracks such as Crazy Train were written at Monnow.

This postcard from Rhoads back to his native US gives a little glimpse into the writing at Monnow.

postcard1postcard2(Click to enlarge the pictures)

Following the success of Blizzard, they returned to Monnow in 1981 to write Diary of a Madman. Once again the bulk of the album was written at Monnow.

Whilst disputes about writing credits were only settled recently over the albums, they remain classic rock examples and best sellers. Ozzy’s solo career was launched and propelled by these two pieces of work, and Sabbath’s name rose too. The sad and tragic death of Rhoads whilst touring the second album in ’82 – his playing both revolutionary and integral to the albums’ success – put an untimely end to what was a winning combination of the four musicians.

We at Monnow are proud that in a quiet little house in the Welsh country side, such classics were written and concieved – the albums are a testament to the four, but also to our studio.
They really did disturb the peace in style.

Made In Monnow – Black Sabbath; The First Visit

Made In Monnow

Black Sabbath

August 1977

Black Sabbath’s first visit came in the late 1970s, just before member Ozzy left. They were using Monnow for rehearsal and writing prior to their tour. Mojo Magazine recently ran an article featuring photos of the band quite literally, frolicking, in our river. It has to be said, they don’t look entirely gothic/evil/heavy metal, but note the gun in the second and third pictures– it gives them a little edge in our decidedly country setting.

--tony-iommi-and-ozzy-osbourne-in-1977-133315622-3905561-Pictures courtesy of Mirror Pix

Here’s a snippet of the Monnow Valley mention in this May’s Mojo Mag.



Mojo Article, May 2013 www.mojo.com

Made In Monnow – Black Sabbath Month

Black Sabbath




Back at the top of the album charts with their new album ‘13’, pioneers of metal Black Sabbath prove that they definitely still have it, and not for a second did they lose it either. Well, perhaps Ozzy lost it a few times but that was all part of the show.

At Monnow we have a special place in our hearts for the Brummy boys and over our 40 year history, each one of our owners has had a visit from them at some point. Now we’re used to frequent visitors, lots of clients recording morethan one album with us coming back again and again over the years. However, perhaps none so much as Black Sabbath; they’ve recorded, resided, rehearsed, reunited and written at Monnow.

We’re dedicating our entire blog this July to Sabbath and their members, from Tony Iommi’s album most recently in 2004, all the way back to their rehearsals at Monnow in 1977. It’s less of a reoccurring visit and more of a residency. We’d like to think of Black Sabbath as most definitely ‘Made In Monnow’.

In honour of their latest album, out now, let’s have a look back at Ozzy and the gang at Monnow Valley over the years! Join us for a series of blog entries and plenty of music over the next few weeks…

Made In Monnow… Bullet for My Valentine

Made In Monnow…. 

Bullet for My Valentine – ‘Fever’




Just up the road in Bridgend live four Welsh boys who form Bullet For My Valentine. They happen to be one of the most successful Welsh exports ever, with success outside of the UK and across the world. They chose to stay local when recording their third album with Don Gilmore at Monnnow.

The stats tally up for the Welsh quartet; over 500,000 copies sold world wide, 5th in the UK album charts and 3rd on the US Billboard charts, Bittersweet Memories is at 6 million views whilst Your Betrayal rests nicely on 16 million. A successful album to say the least…


1. “Your Betrayal”   4:51
2. “Fever”   3:57
3. “The Last Fight”   4:19
4. “A Place Where You Belong”   5:06
5. “Pleasure and Pain”   3:53
6. “Alone”   5:56
7. “Breaking Out, Breaking Down”   4:04
8. “Bittersweet Memories”   5:09
9. “Dignity”   4:29
10. “Begging for Mercy”   3:56
11. “Pretty on the Outside” BONUS 12. “The Last Flight”.

Find all things BFMV here at http://www.bulletformyvalentine.com/

In The Studio…Our Tomorrow

In The Studio…

Our Tomorrow

our tomorrow single

‘One For the Yearbook’

Young Welsh band, ‘Our Tomorrow’ have got their debut music video out today – it was filmed at Monnow and the track itself recorded here with Romesh Dodangoda. Premiering last night with Blank TV, the track has already got over 2000 views!


They play next month at Monmouth Festival alongside Peasant’s King and new stars on the scene Young Kato.

Keep an eye on these boys – they’re on the rise and have been made here in Monnow.



MADE IN MONNOW…. Frightened Rabbit ‘Pedestrian Verse’


Pedestrian Verse’ (2013) – Frightened Rabbit

We’re not delving back into our history that far today, we’re keeping our throw-back to a very much recent album Made In Monnow. Back in 2012 we had the lovely Frightened Rabbit in to record with us. They only bagged a top 10 chart position with their album didn’t they?

Their first major label release with Atlantic Records, and produced by Leo Abrahams was quite the success, and we’re very happy for them – they were wonderful guests!

Find everything Frightened Rabbit-y here www.frightenedrabbit.com

Here’s the beautiful, signed vinyl they sent us.

Frightened Rabbit Signed Vinyl

And here they are having drink with Phil and Liam after a bit of village bingo…

frightened rabbit


1 Acts of Man 4:54
2 Backyard Skulls 3:10
3 Holy 3:39
4 The Woodpile 3:28
5 Late March, Death March 4:02
6 December’s Traditions 4:10
7 Housing (in) 1:31
8 Dead Now 4:09
9 State Hospital 4:37
10 Nitrous Gas 3:10
11 Housing (out) 1:04
12 The Oil Slick 4:37
13 If You Were Me 2:55
14 Snow Still Melting 3:28
15 Escape Route 3:30


In the studio….The Graveltones

In the Studio …. The Graveltones


Recording their eagerly awaited first album following on from their exciting EP back in 2011, follically well-endowed Australian, London-based boys The Graveltones stayed with us for 7 days. Aside from the amazing cooking smells provided by Mikey’s wife and sister (the latter popped over from Australia to see them) they also provided some amazing sounds. Well-known-to-Monnow producer Charlie Francis oversaw the whole thing, including a very important handbell-selection-and-testing session.

photo (16)The aforementioned hand bells.

photo (15)

L-R; Producer Charlie Francis, Mikey Graveltones, Jimmy Graveltones, session assistant Louis Griffiths and our engineer Liam.

photo (16)

Wild times with the teapot covers.

 Find all things Gravely-and-toney here; http://www.thegraveltones.com/

We can’t wait for the album boys!

Throw back Thursday… A little look at our history…

 #Throw-back Thursday…

Before it became the beautiful studio graced by swanky beer-drinking musicians, Monnow Valley Studio was once a country club called the Old Mill in the 1960s graced by swanky wine-drinking members.


Check out the wine lists and the private members club bar!


For those of you who still enjoy a spot of country pursuits in-between recording sessions, we own a private stretch of the river that runs alongside the studio. So you can fish, jump in a little dingy or if you’re feeling brave – take a splash.

For more information on our residential rates, catering and all the ‘extra curricular’ offerings at Monnow Valley Studio get in contact or visit our website.